Helpful Info

About buying and selling a property

Steps to Buying a Home

Thinking about buying a home? These are the steps involved.

The Contract Process

The process can be a little mystifying, especially if this is your first time purchasing a home. We explain it here.

Applicable Stamp Duty

Wondering how much stamp duty you'll have to pay? Use this handy table.

Prepare Your Home for Inspections

It's all about perception! Help us present your home in the best possible light!

How to Make an Offer

Found a house you love and want to make an offer? Here are the steps involved.

Looking for Something to Do?

The Moreton Bay region rocks! There's plenty to do around here around here!

Change of Address Checklist

There are a million places that require notification when you move, so we've compiled a list to help.

How to Present Your Property for Our Photographer

Help us get top dollar for your property.

Jargon Buster

The real estate industry has its own language - here's an explanation of the most commonly used terms.

Your Offer was Accepted - Now What?

You've signed a contract after your offer was accepted. Here's what you can expect next.

Garage Sale Tips

Need to get rid of some junk before you move? Here are some helpful tips.

Moving Checklist for Kids

Make your kids feel included with this checklist designed specifically for the little ones.

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