Kerry McCullagh


As one of Bowmaker Realty’s Receptionists, Kerry McCullagh is often the one greeting you with a smile when you visit, or answering the phone when you call. Kerry has a genuine passion for providing exceptional customer service. Her unwavering smile, upbeat and enthusiastic personality shine through when dealing with clients, and make her a valued member of our team.

As one of the largest real estate agencies in the Moreton Bay region, our front of house is exceptionally busy. Kerry handles the pressure with ease, ensuring all enquiries are handled with the utmost promptness and professionalism, providing our team with valuable administrative support.

Originally from the UK, Kerry and her family made the move to Australia in 2005 in search of a new adventure, and of course a little less rain. In her free time Kerry enjoys spending time with her family, and admittedly is a bit of a ‘dance mum’.


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