Laura Mac Mahon

General Manager

Along with a passion for the fast paced nature of real estate, Laura Mac Mahon brings a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to our Property Management and Marketing Teams. Laura was introduced to the industry from a young age, as her family owned a real estate agency on the Sunshine Coast. Laura began her career in Property Management at the young age of 21, and has experience in all areas from leasing to trust account management and general management.

Laura has a meticulous, thorough approach to all aspects of her Manager’s position and thoroughly enjoys leading the Property Management and Marketing Departments. She is keenly interested in the field of personal development and how this plays a role in providing motivational support, inspiration and direction to our office.

In her spare time, Laura enjoys English literature, creative writing (particularly writing about herself in third person), dancing, singing, 4WDing and boating.  In her downtime, she has a predisposition to “Netflix and Chill” amidst spending time with her 2 children.


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